Our philosophy is to fix our clients MYOB issues and teach them how to prevent them occurring in the future.

Here is a list of few more popular areas we have helped hundreds of customers with, over the last 20 years.

Just starting with MYOB either AccountRight or Essentials

We can help you set up MYOB with the following areas:

  • Set up your MYOB file
  • A chart of accounts with the correct GST codes
  • Setting up Payroll if required
  • Setting are configured for best use
  • User access information and Two-factor authentication
  • On going support
  • Help with entering invoices, receipts and banking

Specific areas for MYOB Help

If you require specific help on one aspect of MYOB we can show you how to fix the problem and teach you how to use MYOB more effectively.

MYOB Payroll Help

  • Setting up Payroll
  • Customising payroll categories
  • Employee payroll information
  • Paying employees
  • Timesheets
  • Superannuation and PAYG reporting
  • End of Payroll Year
  • Single Touch Payroll


MYOB Inventory Help

  • Store and track inventory
  • Setting up Inventory Items
  • Stocktake variance
  • Track the value of the items you buy, sell and build
  • Adjust item quantities and values
  • Delete old stock items
  • Reconcile your inventory

MYOB Forms Help

Create forms to reflect the professional nature of your business.  These include:

  • MYOB Invoices
  • MYOB Statements
  • MYOB Payslips
  • MYOB Purchase Orders
  • MYOB Remittance Advices

MYOB Banking Help

  • Bank Feeds
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Remittance Advices

MYOB Training

We offer MYOB training to individuals or groups.  We train people who are currently working with MYOB or people who are looking to learn MYOB for the first time.

We have 3 levels of MYOB training to cater for a student’s experience:

  • Beginners: Looking at a broad range of topics to be covered
  • Intermediate: More specific areas to be covered
  • Advanced: Very high level of knowledge and covers high end topics
  • MYOB Remittance Advices

MYOB Add-Ons

We have a list of Add-Ons we can help our clients to use for the first time or to help out on specific issues.  The list of MYOB Add-Ons we support are:

  • Tanda
  • Workshop Software
  • ServiceM8
  • My Local Foodie
  • Ostendo

How we can help with your MYOB

We have a discussion with our clients to find out their requirements around MYOB and what they specifically need help around.  We formulate a plan and either visit on-site or login remotely to the clients MYOB.  We then show the client how to fix the problem and go through setting up MYOB for their business.  Also we show features which might not be currently used.

Our MYOB Credentials

Elizabeth is a MYOB Trainer and is a certified MYOB Consultant who has over two decades of experience training and working with Small Businesses to help them set up, install and operate their MYOB accounting package.  She has also published MYOB training material and she is the only accredited MYOB author for from Australia.  As well as a Certified trainer and she has been training MYOB in classrooms and one on one over this time period.

We have been achieving great results with businesses for over 15 years

Contact us Ph 03 9988 2030 or for a chat about your requirements.