Welcome to Lime Results

We are a unique business because we look after 2 sides of business.  We believe all small businesses need to be good at capturing new clients and then being able to collect and account for their product or service to make the profit required.

The first side is the sales coming in:

Website Design Services

Lime Results specialises in websites for small to medium sized firms.  We help clients with the design and functionality of their website, which drives customer interaction and sales.  We will make the process of website development as simple as possible, from our initial website questionnaire, to the construction of the website and the final approval. We will communicate at every step of the process, so our client will know at what stage their web site is at.

On Line Marketing

We can help bring clients to your web site, which will help generate more interest in your business.  Our packages are specifically designed for small business and smaller budgets.  They are based around search engine optimisation, advertising via Google, Facebook and other platforms.  As well as lead capturing techniques.

Financial Solutions

Business also need to manage their accounting software and their finances within their computerised accounting package.  We cover 3 main areas where we can help businesses flourish:


Most people learn the basics of MYOB, but do not utilise many of the features and do not work as efficiently with MYOB as they could.

Elizabeth has worked with MYOB for many years and has helped countless businesses improve their processes using MYOB and therefore saved them time.

Job Costing and Inventory Ostendo Software

Ostendo is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which will integrate all facets of a business’s operation including planning, production, sales and marketing. It is a cost effective way of solving the issues that currently prevent you taking your business to the future.  It will provide growth to your business

Bookkeeping Services

We help businesses with their Bookkeeping requirements.  We have a number of clients we work with to help improve the accuracy and consistency of their data entry, work with them on using the time efficient short cuts built into MYOB and run monthly reports for business owners to make strategic financial decisions.

We are your small business help.  Our expertise includes:

Web Site Development

Search Engine Optimisation

I.T. Support

Customer Relations Manager (CRM) Consulting

Consulting and Training in Accounting Software products

Analysis of Costs