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We discuss our client’s requirements and in particular their objectives for their business.  We do an evaluation of our client’s processes and work out the best MYOB Add Ons for their business.  We help implement the MYOB Add Ons into their existing business structure and make the transition as smooth as possible.  We will train our clients on the new software and also trouble shoot any issues which might arise.

We look at the entire business, to make sure the accounting software is integrated.

MYOB Add Ons



Tanda gives you everything you need to efficiently manage your workforce. Tanda Time Clocks are easy to implement and immediately work to significantly reduce time theft. Using 4 digit pin codes and photo verification the real time attendance data is synced directly with your Tanda account. The data then becomes immediately available to you and your employers in accurate, online timesheets. Building a roster for all your staff becomes a breeze with Tanda’s drag and drop rostering tool. If the cost of staff has you worried, you can even build cost-based rosters to lower your expenses.

MYOB addon streamlining workforce management and payroll processes into one powerful solution to eliminate data entry and payroll error, increasing business efficiencies and capabilities.

Any industry with a large workforce.
My Workshop

Workshop Software Using modern on-line technology to offer Software as a Service (SaaS), it means you can run your workshop anywhere anytime.

Automated Customer Reminders

Software for Automotive Places
ServiceM8 is a smart job management app for the trade and service type business. It can create quotes and invoices on the go and allow you to work smarter with real-time communication between your office, field staff and customers.
Trade and service type businesses

Place orders. Upload invoices without data entry. Count stock in double time. Update menu costs daily. KPI Reporting for your whole team, live 24-7.

Buying Group

We bring the very best of Australia’s distributors, farms, factories and importers right to your venue – at unbeatable prices.

Food and Beverage Industry-including pubs, hotels, restaurants
MYOB Invoice

This is a new app from MYOB to help people use their MYOB via their mobile devices.  Great for mobile businesses who are on the go.

Trade and service type businesses

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