Xero Tips

Here are some general tips to help you get around Xero quickly and easily.

Quick Xero login Speed up logging into Xero. Replace the capital letters below with your Xero login address, then save as a browser or desktop bookmark so you only have to enter a password.
View multiple pages View multiple pages in your Xero organisation at the same time using tabs:

  • To open a link in a new tab on a PC, right-click on a link and select Open a new Tab.
  • To open a link in a new tab on a Mac, hold down the Command key and click on the link.

Don’t use tabs to view multiple Xero organisations.

View multiple organisations If you need to view multiple Xero organisations at the same time, open each organisation in a different browser. For example, open one in Chrome and the other in Safari.

If you don’t use separate browsers, your changes might save to the wrong organisation. Using different browsers ensures each organisation has its own separate data session.

Shortcuts for navigating Xero


Screens you can access using shortcuts

  • Dashboard 
  • The Business menu for invoices, quotes, sales and purchases overviews, bills to pay, purchase orders, expense claims and products & services
  • The Accounting menu for bank accounts and reports
  • The Payroll menu for employees, leave, timesheets, pay, taxes & filings
  • The add icon to create a new invoice, contact, bill, quote, purchase order, manual journal, spend, receive or transfer money transaction

Date entry shortcuts


Present or future dates

Shortcut Shortcut key(s) Date fields Due date fields Examples
Today’s date Tab t
Tomorrow’s date tom
Day in the next week next [day] If today is Monday, use next fri to enter the date for next Friday
Next week (7 days from today) next w