​Specific Areas for Xero Help

We can help our clients improve on the following areas:

Save money on accounting fees

We can teach you how to do more of the work on your accounts.

Learn specific areas

We can train you on areas in Xero you would like to master.

Complete bookkeeping quicker

We will show you Xero shortcuts.

Take control of your business

Having your accounts up to date allows for better business decisions.

Xero Help for specific areas

We have a discussion with our clients to find out their requirements around Xero and what they specifically need help around.  We then show the client how to fix the problems and make suggestions on how to improve their set up for their business. 

Working Remotely

We ask to access your Xero file and we can then have the file open and go through with you, the issues you are experiencing.  We will share our screen and show you how to fix and make sure the issue does not occur again the future.

Specific help on one aspect of Xero we can show you how to fix and teach you how to use Xero more effectively.

We can help around these specific areas in Xero:

  • Payroll Including end of year
  • Inventory
  • Banking
  • Forms


Services we offer:

  • We can review your current set up and make sure it is set up for best practice for your industry
  • We can check and advise on ways to save money by the business doing some of the accounting work which can be completed in house.
  • Check on your current bookkeeping practices and make any recommendations on how your current Xero set up is working and improvements to bookkeeping
  • Check on your current accounting and bookkeeping fees to see if they are reasonable and if there are ways of lowering

Business owners often use our services because:

  • Looking to use Xero better
  • Sick of paying excessive accounting fees
  • Want to gain control over their business spending
  • Better understanding of the reports in Xero

We have been achieving great results with businesses for over 15 years

Contact us Ph 03 9988 2030 or info@limeresults.com.au for a chat about your requirements.