MYOB Training

Our training is one on one training where we can cover the topics you require for your specific situation.  We can cover areas around banking, invoicing, purchases and payroll.

We use the demonstration file in MYOB and we use a video platform like Zoom.  We show you how to do tasks in MYOB and then ask you to do the same in your MYOB file.  This way you listen, observe and then complete on your computer.  We then provide you with homework to do tasks and research to complete.  This includes watching videos around specific areas on the MYOB website.

How we help different types of users in MYOB

Business Owner

Goal: Who wants to know more about their business


  • Gain control of your finances
  • Save money on accounting fees
  • Learn how to pay staff correctly
  • Learn about the industry awards
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Understanding of Bookkeeping


Goal: Obtaining a new job or upskilling


  • Learn specific skills for a particular role
  • Learn new skills quickly
  • Learn bookkeeping skills

Accounts or Bookkeeper

Goal: Obtaining more advanced knowledge in specific areas


  • Improve knowledge of MYOB
  • Improve speedy up processing and using advanced features of MYOB

Type and location of MYOB Training

Traditional Face to Face

Face to Face at either your location or our training location.  This can be done for an individual student or a group of students.  The group session is at the same hourly rate, spread over more participants.

Remote Training

Screen sharing is another online training solution for our MYOB training. A trainer with a connection to your computer is able to walk or guide the student through specific steps as they work. The instructor and student can communicate with each other, usually via voice over IP or telephone.

Main advantages of our MYOB training

  • We only cover the areas you require
  • Training can be conducted at your premises
  • We can train clients on their own MYOB business file at their premises
  • We offer back up support
  • You pay per hour not per person, so this is an economic solution

Our Trainer

Elizabeth is a MYOB Trainer and is a certified MYOB advisor who has over two decades of experience training and working with Small Businesses to help them set up, install and operate their accounting package.  She has also published MYOB training material and she is the only accredited MYOB author for from Australia.

MYOB Training Topics





Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the training conducted?

All our training is conducted via Zoom video conferencing. There is no need to attend a training room.  This training can be done at a convenient location for you.

What topics are covered?

The topics covered are decided by you.  We ask what are the reasons for your training and goals.  For example if the training is for a specific job, we only cover the areas required for the role.  Or if the person is a business owner, we cover the areas required for running their business operations.  We speak with you to find what you will be using your MYOB knowledge for.  We will also guide you with our industry experience.

How long will the course take?

The course is a customised course and is tailored for your specific requirements.  Once we know what you want covered we can advise on the duration.  As a general rule it is 2 hour for the initial training and then 1 hour for any future training.

How much is the course?

We charge on an hourly basis and it is $110 per hour. You can book 1 hour training and see how much you can cover ion this time. And then book another time for further training.  We offer a very flexible training alternative.

Will there be other people in the course?

No, we offer customised training, specifically for your requirements.  There is no waisted time to learn things in MYOB, which you do no need to know.

What happens if the training is not right for me?

If in the first 15 minutes you do not find the training meets your requirements, we will not charge you for this time.  Just let us know and we will cancel your training.

Can I rebook another training session?

Absolutely, nearly every one of our clients rebook for future training. This can be around one specific area and can be for a short duration.

Do you offer on-going support?

We offer on-going support for questions and issues which might come up after the training.

Who is the trainer? What experience do they have?

Elizabeth would be your trainer and guide in MYOB.  A little about Elizabeth who will be conducting the training.  She is a is a certified MYOB Silver Partner and BAS Agent who has over two decades of experience training and working with Small Businesses to help them set up, install and operate their accounting package.  She is the only accredited MYOB author for from Australia.

How do we access Xero?

It depends on your requirements.  If you are currently using Xero, we can teach you how to use your own MYOB, by allowing us to access.  Alternatively, we can use the training file provided by MYOB.

Our experience of working with Lime Results has been nothing but positive. Elizabeth is knowledgeable, professional and attentive, always responding to our business needs in a timely fashion. We highly recommend her services.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Annick Houle Director O’connor and houle

Lime Results are amazing. We started a new business Brake Care Frankston and Lime Results helped me set everything up from the beginning. I could not have done it without them. Still using them today for ongoing book keeping. 5 Stars from me!

Corina LoRosso Director Frankston Automotive

Lime results have been instrumental in the implementation of our new accounting and inventory systems and website for our manufacturing business. Their friendly, reliable and professional team are continually suggesting ways of streamlining and improving how we do things. Keeping us on track and moving forward towards reaching our goals and targets years sooner than if left to our own devices.

Well worth the investment!

Derrick Berends Director John Berends Implents

Varies valued clients

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