Purchase MYOB

Looking at purchasing MYOB and starting your journey or looking to upgrade your existing MYOB version, we can help you.

This is a summary of the different MYOB versions available.

How Lime Results can help you with the following areas

Choosing the correct version

We will help you choose the correct version for your business and this depends on a lot of factors and we would discuss your requirements in more detail to work out the answer.

Also we will look at your total business structure to see what other add-ons are required for your business to interact with MYOB.

Setting up MYOB to work within your business

Either upgrading your existing data file or creating a new data file for your business.

We will help set up your new MYOB software.

We will make the transition as smooth as possible and remove the stress.  Setting up your MYOB data file correctly in the first place is crucial to generate accurate reporting figures for your business.

Training in MYOB

We can help you learn MYOB and use it on a daily basis, in the most efficient way. We will provide training in MYOB and train you on how to use the accounting package. The training is from a MYOB veteran who has used MYOB in many businesses, trained thousands of students and written training materials used extensively throughout Australia and the world.

On-Going Support

On-going support for when you need it.  We can provide support directly to you, rather than waiting in a que with MYOB directly and being placed on hold and switched between departments.

Pricing for MYOB

As a MYOB Advisor we are provided special deals which change on a regular basis. We do not advertise pricing as we want to make sure our client is provided with the most appropriate MYOB package to suit their requirements.

We have been achieving great results with businesses for over 15 years

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