My Local Foodie – Cost I Mator

Software which allows food and beverage type businesses to place orders. Upload invoices without data entry. Count stock in double time. Update menu costs daily. KPI Reporting for your whole team, live 24-7.

  • The very best of Australia’s distributors, farms, factories and importers right to your venue – at unbeatable prices.
  • Place orders, receive orders and approve supplier invoices on-line
  • Download order history and invoice history to excel or pdf anytime
  • Know who placed and order, who received an order and who approved an invoice with detailed user history
  • Supplier invoices send straight to Xero and leading accounting packs when approved on-line
  • Count stock with up to date ingredient lists and prices by storage location
  • Know your plate costs as your recipes and menus re-cost daily
  • Know the profit every menu contributes to your business as your POS sales data links daily to each menu item
  • Say hello to clarity with advanced ‘click-through’ reporting that will make you smile.
  • Drill down from top-line numbers to advanced detail with one or two simple clicks

Just starting with My Local Foodie

We can help you set up My Local Foodie with the following areas:

  • Integration with MYOB and Xero
  • Integration between departments within your business
  • Teaching the bookkeeper / accounts people how to use
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • On going support


We offer training to individuals or groups.  We train people who are currently working with My Local Foodie or people who are looking to learn for the first time.

We can train the following people involved in the process

  • Business Owner
  • Chiefs
  • Accounts

Overall what we can help with

  • We have successfully implemented
  • We have experience with MYOB and Xero to help with integration
  • We can work within different departments to streamline processes

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Contact us Ph 03 9988 2030 or for a chat about your requirements.