Employee superfund help: If your employee hasn’t provided their super fund information, you will need to make their super guarantee payments into your employer-nominated or default fund by the required due dates.

As an employer, you must nominate your default fund and make sure that it is:

  • a complying fund that meets requirements and obligations under super laws
  • a MySuper product registered by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.

Use Super Fund LookupExternal Link for additional employee superfund help to check whether your nominated fund is complying.

Don’t forget that when you employ workers, that you should offer them the choice of their own fund or the employer nominated fund. You must provide employees who are eligible to choose a super fund. With a Standard choice form (or equivalent) within 28 days of their start date, unless they give you details of their chosen fund first.

You don’t have to use the Standard choice form, but any alternative document must cover all the information that the Standard choice form covers.

Existing eligible employees are entitled to change their choice of fund as often as they want to. As a result of this you have to accept a new choice from them only once in any 12-month period. If your employee asks for a choice form you have 28 days to provide it.

You need to keep a copy of the completed Standard choice form for your own records for five years. You don’t have to send a copy to us or to your employee’s chosen super fund.

The information provided here is of a general nature for Australia and should not be your only source of information.

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